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Abstract Portrait Art Print of a woman holding flowers, Feminine Wall Art, Regency inspired Wall Art, Fine Art Photography


This image could be a Regency Silent heroine. She is learning up to stand up for herself with colourful flowers that say I'm being bold and refuse decisions dedicated by her mother. The Regency inspired portrait combined with the bold sitting is daring and makes the artwork stand out. This piece of art would make a great focal point in any room.

This project is part of the Quiet Rebellion, the aim of this project is to give a voice to women that didn't have one through history, connecting the dots and inviting them in a scene that reflects their oppression and the ways they had to learn to rebel "quietly" from the place that society gave them, accepting their lot, feeling under pressure to conform. Their only form of escapism was to rebel inside, moving things slowly like the wings of a butterfly, creating a snowballing effect across history. This project is a reflection of the story of all these women that could not use their voices. I’ve found my inner self deeply resonating with the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi, not that I've endured a similar oppression, but since childhood this desire to be a free and independent woman was always rooted in me. My idea with this project is to continue to rustle feathers, building up the quiet rebellion and bring out that powerful voice that I have tamed for so long!

Name : Regency inspired Photography - Open & Limited Edition Art Photography Learning to use my voice - part of Quiet Rebellion - “The Bewildered Maiden Series”


MEDIUM: Giclée Fine art print on Hahnemuehle Bamboo Eco Friendly Paper 290 gsm with 1in white border. 90% of this unique, eco friendly paper is made from resource saving bamboo fibres. Bamboo is acid free, lignin free and free from OBAs.

(unframed and unmated). Framed images are shown for display purposes only.

PRINT SIZE :12×8, 12×18, 16×24, larger size available as limited editions



Custom size available

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